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The Bookers:  San Francisco Memories: A Novel Don Becker

The Bookers: San Francisco Memories: A Novel

Don Becker

Published April 4th 2007
Kindle Edition
676 pages
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 About the Book 

When nineteen-year-old Constance Connors, the beautiful and carefree Hawaiian-born daughter of an Episcopalian minister, meets a newly graduated West Point cadet, Second Lieutenant Joseph Booker, shes instantly smitten. But its not long before she finds herself pregnant, married, and living in the bleak winter landscape of Fort Riley, Kansas, in 1934.The Great Depression has engulfed the country. Desperately missing her family and her home, Constance suffers from an acute case of depression. But four years later Constance, her husband, and their three sons are transferred to the Presidio of San Francisco, California, a plum assignment in a city she will call home for the next sixty-five years.Beginning in the late 1930s and progressing through the turn of the century, The Bookers: San Francisco Memories is the nostalgic saga of the highly blessed Booker family. Tracing the years from Constance and Josephs marriage through their sons childhoods and adulthoods, author Don C. Becker pens a warm tale of growing up and growing old in San Francisco. Full of over seven decades of love, laughter, and life, The Bookers captures the heart of the American imagination.