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Cassiopeia Ashley Yohn


Ashley Yohn

Kindle Edition
226 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The girl they called Snow White looked at the trail of crimson drops gleaming in the glittering snow. Each one was so warm that she could swear that wisps of vapor were rising, like the soft clouds that formed in front of her mouth each time she exhaled. The ruby gems were left behind from the white hot cut across her palm and a biting hole in her thigh and, as she stumbled forward, she swayed and nearly went down on her knees.Hannah Snow is an emotionally fragile girl, tormented by a drug and alcohol addicted mother and her mothers paramours. The story begins with Hannah fleeing from one of these men and ending up in the hospital. Returning home, she’s more disillusioned than ever. Everything changes however when Hannah meets the girl next door, Susan, and falls deeply in love.Instead of a happy ending, their path to love is interrupted by Max, a wealthy schoolmate who develops an obsession and begins stalking Hannah. As he becomes increasingly violent, Hannah fears for Susans safety. She makes a deal with the devil himself to protect the woman she loves. Will she have to spend her life chained to a man she cannot love? Or will she find a way to break free?Cover Art by Alexandra Baban http://alexandrababan.com/