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The Last Week John Dominic Crossan

The Last Week

John Dominic Crossan

Published September 1st 2008
ISBN : 9781606405185
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Top Jesus scholars Marcus J. Borg & John Dominic Crossan reveal a radical & little-known Jesus. As both authors reacted to & responded to questions about Mel Gibsons blockbuster The Passion of the Christ, they discovered that many Christians are unclear on the details of events during the week leading up to Jesus crucifixion. Using Marks gospel as a guide, they present a day-by-day account of Jesus final week of life. They begin their story on Palm Sunday with two triumphal entries into Jerusalem. The 1st entry, that of Roman governor Pontius Pilate leading Roman soldiers into the city, symbolized military strength. The 2nd heralded a new kind of moral hero who was praised by the people as he rode in on a humble donkey. The Jesus introduced herein is this new moral hero, a more dangerous Jesus than the one enshrined in the churchs traditional teachings. The Last Week depicts Jesus giving up his life to protest power without justice & to condemn the rich who lack concern for the poor. In this vein, at the end of the week Jesus marches up Calvary, offering himself as a model for others to do the same when confronted by similar issues. Informed, challenged & inspired, we not only meet the historical Jesus, but meet a new Jesus who engages & invites us to follow him.