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He Promised Me the World Mikayla Saunders

He Promised Me the World

Mikayla Saunders

Published June 29th 2012
ISBN : 9781477627174
224 pages
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 About the Book 

Love is love, right? If you are lucky enough to find someone who you share this unconditional, passionate, special love with, then by all means you should grab hold of it, tight, and never let go. Well thats pretty hard if the whole world seems to be against your relationship. Trey Knight meant everything to me. I would fight to the end of the world to be with him. You tell me, is it really that bad to be fifteen and dating a twenty year old? Taking into consideration that i am and forever will be, in love with him. I dont think I will ever forget him, especially how he ruined everything. You see Trey and I did have our share of problems, and it wasnt easy to over come them as you are about to find out. But the big question I think you really want to know. Is how it all starting. How this forbidden relationship actually began. How I got to the point where he was all I had. The point where I actually fell in love with him. I bet you want to see my transformation from a sweet innocent teenager, with her head screwed firmly on knowing what she was doing with her life, to a love struck, blind, obsessed teenager who couldnt breathe without knowing he was by my side and how I would risk everything, even my future, to be with him and even how after everything that I went through it all ended up being for nothing, because all in all, he wasnt who I thought he was. But thats something I cant tell you, youre going to have to read on to find the disastrous ending to this rather shocking story.